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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
L11s before Nov 2023: $4900
L11s after Nov 2023: ? (Heard stories that it got adjusted above 4900, then heard that it got adjusted downwards again, not sure what happened)

L10s promoted before Nov 2023: $5400
L10s promoted after Nov 2023: $5900
Yes you are right, the newly promoted L10s are taking in more than the senior L10s

L9s promoted before Nov 2023: $6800
L9s promoted after Nov 2023: $7400
Some got $6800 during Nov 2023 and others got $7400. Not sure why, but this is verified.
Was told that it is because of the TP (Talent Priority) and DA (Distinguished Achievements), in better years some got $7700 due to high TPDA.

*Mark said he wishes to adjust base pay during one of the TAP conferences but it's dependent on the earnings (earnings were poor FYI)

**Numbers here are only for TAP and does not include Strategy, Song etc.

***Numbers here are only valid till 2024 Nov (heard new numbers are coming out in Sep, this is unverified)

Iím a CL9 who got promoted before Nov 2023 and got 7100.. seems like there is a range for CL9..
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