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The fact that you have 33 days AL suggest you are very senior, as we all know ops starts off with 24 days AL when you 1st sign. Hence, your reference point for benefits may not be so applicable for the juniors in their late 20s/early 30s

Would like to share about my own experience, having left the system last year post mmed

I have negotiated with 3-4 GP groups last year before eventually decided on one. Most offer 44hr/week. Eventually that works out to be 5 days 2 nights and you get both weekends off. Or 5 days, sat morning and 1 night). Permutations of hours very flexible in general. (Esp for some groups like one care)
- some clinics open from 8-3, 6-9pm. So if you don't work nights that day, you end at 3. (Which isn't too bad I feel)

Essentially none of my GP friends working for groups work more than 1 sat morning on weekend. (Not quite sure what you mean by every weekend burnt), and most do not work more than 1 night, which I feel is also acceptable. (Of course I appreciate everyone is different and have different priorities)

Leave wise, all groups I spoke to offer 21 days for a start with increment based on year of service, most groups also have exam/Train leave and CCL as well. MC is 14 days, hl 60 days (same as ops). So far no issues with taking MC for me. But I accept there is no FCL, however really the al is 3 days less for starters compared to ops

Paywise, most offer some form of bonus +/- aws and it ranges from 200-230k, ard 10% higher than ops 1st year mmeder. And there is yearly increment in private too (unlike myths spreading in this thread). I just received my increment after 1 year of service.

Eventually I opted for a CBD clinic 5.5 days 8-5, no nights)
- I know I got alt sat off during my ops days, but really the load is lower outside and less stressful
- 50% health screening/work permit checks, so essentially well patients with NO illness. Those with illness are self-limiting (urti/ge, or simple chronics not extending beyond htn/hld/DM)

I agree cme points have to keep up yourself, but usually not an issue if you attend cfps talks/skill courses (fpsc).

I did join a chain group, so far haven't got pressured too much into profits/losses for clinic yet (1 year in) and definitely less admin/other responsibilities (like teaching/arrows that I kena during ops days)

Guess if you are senior enough (like yourself), your hod (junior) also don't dare to arrow you. Lol
8 to 3 is 7 hours so 35 hours 5 day week.
One sat is 5 hours.
So one weekday evening is 3 hour
Total then make 43 hours.
So every 1 month must do 1 extra evening?

If can get 220k before cpf with 21 days Al then very good lei

Why stay and be a miserable mo or resident
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