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im ex big 4 local, but i just wanna say something to my JHK l0sers

I appreciate you becos u pay for my million dollar condo for me
I appreciate you cos u grow my economy by accepting no WLB jobs
I appreciate that u abandon your country and parents to grow my country
I appreciate that you let me piak your jhb, but they not allowed to m0an in chinese
I appreciate that you indirectly strengthen my SGD for me to travel

Imagine after working 30 years in SG, you go back malaysia will have hard time finding jobs because no local work experience and even if u go back, people there are low quality.

And once u smell SGD, u cannot forget how it smells like. Sweet, sour, bitter. Smell of 3.5

so please stay and boost my country low birthrate
I can sleep well tonight

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