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you go big 4 for branding, and then what?

I tell you, when you come out, your options are accountant (90% is JHK inside) and u post double entry all your life, every month you have to deal with closing, every year you have to deal with auditors. And if your company poor internal controls, your closing will be more difficult because those AR/ AP executive (100% is JHK or auntie) with no degree or half acca, anyhow post one. You think u can become FM if you stay long? It is traumatizing, especially if the CFO is incompetent.

If you go IA, its so niche that there isn't much exit opportunities even if you have that experience. And only big companies require IA. If you dont have SOX reporting exposure during your big 4 years, you lose out even more.

Don't tell me you suddenly can become consultant or what ****, it doesn't work that way. Audit is low value. Just because you get to see the whole financial chain, doesn't mean it justifies your high salary as an accountant. Those companies would rather hire a cheap SME JHK accountant and not you. You don't have commercial experience, you don't know how to use accounting system.

You can try farm your way to be audit manager, and you leave then what?
You think every company need how many FM? even if you become FM, that is where sh1t begins. You have to deal with incompetent JHK in commercial. Culture is toxic as small firm people less educated and think you owe them money. They don't take pride in their work.

Don't make the same mistake as me.
Local students, think twice before you join the big 4. There is no more prestige as it used to be. Exit opportunities are less, especially since the previous batch of JHK have filled those exiting places by now. Salary have been low balled all the way from audit to commercial.

Do you think Singapore CA is of value? Its so new and uptake is so little. Do you think the 80% of JHK in big 4 has CA? yet they can still promote to manager. Why spend the next 3 years studying for CA while managing your big 4 commitments? The CA title doesn't even increase your salary for godsake. Got CA title already every year need to pay membership fee lol. Firm don't even pay for your exam fees (>1k per paper) unless you pass the exam.

If you are a girl, be ready to age 5 years just by doing audit for 2 years. Lack of sleep, lack of social life, lack of time for hobbies, you will be doing work during weekends throughout the year (unless you meet some insanely hardworking and competent senior). You can't even apply leave from Jan to June. If you were to go on holidays, you are sometimes expected to bring your laptop. I lost my identity by being in a big 4 for 4 years.
I had to suck up to malaysian seniors during my associate years. 9 out of 10 times, these malaysians will overload you so that they can chill and go back Msia on weekends. Just open your work allocation and you'd know. Your manager doesn't care to even review if the workload is fair, they just want work done. And you cannot afford to piss of these seniors as they will either badmouth u to the manager for being difficult to deal with. You'd risk your promotions and bonus during appraisals.

The only way you can fix that is to not join a big 4. Your life gets worst as you promote.
Dont waste your life away like i did. Watching as my parents grow older while I OT everyday from 9 to 2am. And mind you, there is no difference between peak and off peak period now as manpower shortage can change your off peak to a peak. If u care about your own mental health and body, dont start at a big 4. If you care about getting married or have a love life, dont start at a big 4. If you spend your youth grinding for little gains since exit opportunities are low now, you will never meet your significant other.
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