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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Just so you know, if you think going to a big 4 will be a stepping stone, you are wrong.
It doesn't get you anywhere the big 4 JHK can't get there themselves. We have so many JHK ex auditors that the stepping stone is already the norm.

If you are an accountancy student, go for job interviews that isn't all accounting related from the start. Never step foot here in the first place. Your skills are not valuable. Even if u think they are valuable, it doesnt pay well.

If u want to have an accountancy background, study ACCA part time and join mid tier or big 4 if u want. Spend your 3 years uni studying something else if possible. Because why study Accountancy in NTU when third world JHK from tunku, sunway, multimedia kampong uni in malaysia, ACCA, are working along side with you?
Wise words sir.
Plus acra and isca support to pwn your ntu nus smu accountancy cert. Oh, thanks for making SG a accountancy hub with no quality.

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