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Hmmm, actually you're not wrong in describing the fact that most GEO5 are still fulfilling the basic requirements.

But if we were to go deeper into what the younger officers are unhappy about, we gotta talk history and math.

In the past GEO3s and 4s can easily promote within 3-4 years by fulfilling basic requirements at their grade. However for now by only doing the baseline work, promotion can only occur within 7-8 years (although guys may experience a shorter wait).

This also means that in the past, officers can reach GEO5 earlier. The cumulative wait for current officers (as they progress from GEO3 to 5) will be longer by about 5-10 years.

For current officers to progress faster, they will need to go beyond their baseline work. Volunteer for events. Initiate and lead for certain projects. Such things were probably not required as much in the past. Hence now most GEO3 and 4 are working beyond their scope. To some extent, some of these work may have been pushed down by the GEO5s who have already attained a comfortable salary. Why would they still need to go beyond their scope when they have already reached their max grade?

Hence the trend of many GEO5 rejecting and pushing extra workload downwards started. In the past, officers can hit GEO5 as early as 35 years old, and hit the ceiling in their 40s. Now...probably gotta add 10 years to each number.

Actually there's an even more worrying trend now. The vicious cycle of resignations within the GEO3 and 4 has forced GEO5 officers to take on more roles and a lot of them are unhappy about it, also leading to more GEO5 "retiring early". And there are hardly any replacements for all of these GEO3 to 5 who are leaving.

And the official message from people above is still

"Oh your school staff strength is still healthy"
"Oh your school can still afford to cut manpower"
"Just merge two low ability classes let one teacher teach"
"Your workload is still below the official threshold, can still take one more class"
One more problem is that while MOE HR (probably under the pressure from PSD) is aggressively working to reduce EO headcount, the total amount of work taken up by the Education Service has not reduced. In fact, in some domains, it probably has increased. Too many sacred cows that can't even be touched.

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