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MOE already lose to other ministries, don't need to say other industries. Lol. The progression is a joke. Yes, teaching is a calling and students are at the heart of everything we do. But to have some form of career aspirations is also human. No matter how much you serve with your heart, hentak kaki (whether in terms of salary, or appointment, or both) is sooner or later demoralising.
I do agree with your viewpoint. I am so much happier teaching in the classroom and interacting with students.I do harbour career aspirations and I do compare to how my PGDE peers did in their teaching careers as compare to mine. I wonít go into details but I am doing relatively ok but I am at a point of my life whereby I hope to take things a bit slower and focus more on my own kids. But itís so hard to do that in Singapore considering the mortgage pressure and standard of living that I am used to. Anyone form of advice or words of wisdom are truly appreciated.

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