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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
2022] GEO3: 3900-6250
[2022] GEO4: 4800-7700
[2022] GEO5: 5150-8250

This is the current salary range for geo3-5. Assuming an average performer gets a $200 annual merit increment you're looking at ~11 years to go from 3900 - 6250. How would a person be able to hit the salary ceiling in the time u claim. Anyway, for the average performer at the very latest, they will get promoted in their 7th year. If you're taking longer than that, "bottom of the barrel" applies.

As I mentioned, the wide salary range gives rise to unhappiness. If geo4 was split into 2, from 4800 - 6200 and 6200 - 7700, what would be lost?
How to reach ceiling?

Because most GEO3s don't begin at 3900?

Fresh out of uni GEO2s are already drawing that.

FCH starting salaries was around 4300 last time. Higher with the most recent adjustments.
Slightly more for males with NS increment.
Cohort promotion to GEO3 will increase salary by another $500 or more.

Annual increment is not a fixed sum for everyone. It is based on a percentage of one's salaries. The higher your base pay, the higher your increment.
Increment roughly around 2-3%.

Quite common to hit geo3 ceiling in 5-6 years.

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