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Few years ago when I was still a undergrad, my prof told me that working in big4 is a prestigious job. And then, I got really brainwashed to this koolaid . For the first few months of my associate days, I was proud to tell my peers that I was working in big4 located at the atas CBD where bright individuals all gather. But then, as the days go along, I realized that something is very wrong when out of 10 managers I meet, only 2 are local breed. Not only that, I really wondered very hard how could some of such people got promoted to managers when they could not even string a basic sentence properly. Their review notes are hard to decipher and many times make completely no sense. They are the bunch of people who likes to OT unnecessarily and still unable to churn out any quality **** in the end. With this kind of **** environment to work in, convince me what other reasons do I have to stay?
Your first mistake is taking career advice from a professor.

Professors' knowledge about real job market trends are usually 10 years behind. They stay in ivory towers to teach. What do they know about applying to real jobs in the industry.

Your second mistake is letting the so-called reputation of the brand overwhelm you. To the layman, Big 4 might seem like a big prestigious employer. But everyone inside knows its just accounting at heart.

Look at the actual nature of the work you're doing, not the branding which can be faked. So many startups pretend to be cutting edge atas companies but they're built on a house of cards.

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