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cos they got the work visa before sep 2023 or converted to PR. now literally cannot get new visa already. salary too low for business degree grads in their 20s, too many malaysians to score diversity points. had to cancel quite a lot of people's offer because of this.

Ya those malaysias gonna have a harder time coming here. 5k Minimum for new visa or renewal. S1 salary only 4.7-4.8k yo. Those smarter malaysians will convert to PR, but once u are PR (dunno how many years), your spending power drops by a good 20% employee cpf + 17% employers cpf. So my as well go commercial.

What makes you think jhk can tahan? the only silver lining is the 3.5 :1
Good luck big 4

Everyone is rushing to exit as i type this, just look at how many of you peeps updated your linkedin profile is solidly funny

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