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Progression as in salary or rank? I would say 20%-40% higher than audit at every rank/YOE. 20% doesn't sound a lot to many but at the wlb/learning you get I think it's perfectly worth it. I don't have to open work laptop after dinner 98% of the time. SG tax is low anyway so money is money.

If you want a title bump, minimum 2 years - 5 years usually but most people just jump ship to get it. My peers who jumped every ~2 years are generally doing much better than those who stayed. You get access to better roles when you have actual industry experience compared to when you are an auditor.

Promotion every 2 years is not something limited to audit despite what the dinosaur partners want you to believe. Maybe 20 years ago during our parents' time but not anymore.
Good for you . Look like you want a wlb/ high pay job/ 9-5

Myself still clock close to 60 hr per week during my time in glc as fbp

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