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Default 4k for a senior...?

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
hmnnn..the job agency told me different thing
there is no contractual/13th month salary...but there will be performance/variable bonus which ranges from 0-3 month...the position i've applied is a senior position...if the job offer is sgd4k only, then most likely i will pass out this position as it does not worth the efforts spent for relocation
How many years xp you have? Companies here are totally confused about the concept o senior. Concepts vary. Let's get to maths. How many years of xp?

And by the way. Singapore IT companies are generally "budget", with some hard to et exceptions. Here you are competing against very low budget IT pros that's just wanna get some pennies better than what they have. I would not change for 4k if I were u unless perspectives don't look good in MY... Remember accommodation here is not cheap

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