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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What about mmed? 20 year mmeder sign nup when 50 year old also get 9k starting as a fresh mmeder? Make no sense lei
Make no sense then dun come lo.
Aiyah, I clinic head why want to risk hiring a 20 year old m.meder who had gone to the dark side?
Ops no people I just close queue.
Why risk hiring someone that can be slow and maybe practising voodoo medicine?
He start giving prednisolone for cough I also dunno how to counsel him becuase he is probablyy senior

I hire him, 1 FTE is 45 patient.
If he see only 30 a day, I have to spread the extra 15 around.
The current guys barely coping and now have to take his load?
They might just quit.

So no. I rather take from current residents that I have watch for last 3 years
Or mopexer that had work 1 year with me, got some drive and I can arrow to take on admin task.

Get it?
U ask questions also use a bit of brains la.
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