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I worked in polyclinic then moved to rmg (large chain group) few years back. Funnily I get more complaints during my time in ops then in rmg. (Which is wierd coz if you read google review of my rmg branch.. it's like less than 2 lol)
Patient complaints can be unwarranted and of no fault of yours eg ) unreasonable patient or patient just wants to waive charges. I would think private has less of these patients

For some reason the patients who doesnt want to pay but wants the world done and has many issues are in OPS, i am not saying these are not in private but OPS has more. Those that wants the world done comes to OPS. i look at some of their address, freehold private property , still come to OPS- so many issues, wants referral here and there. suprised they dont have private coverage.
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