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Have come across many colleagues like that in my career at MOE.

They go around putting those whom they do not like. Little do they know that we can very easily hear what they are saying.

Quite sad that these young people are doing such things at their tender age. Really wonder what will happen to them with such negative attitude when they are older and realize they are stuck in teaching job forever precisely because of their negativity

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I couldnít agree more. Currently a KP and at a point of my career, I am satisfied being a HOT until I literally met a BT who is a total bitch and assign with me as a co-form, this is done as the school hopes that I will mentor her. At that point of time, I have declined SH and AYH role as I want to focus on my family. Well this bitch literally step on my toes everywhere, especially with her insensitive speeches and backstabbing actions, the school is very interested to groom her and she is not even a scholar, her words are basically louder than her actions. In my 8 years of service, I have never met such a bitch like her, such of her insensitive ways was complained to her RO about her department colleague who is doing a project with her and did not even bother to thrash it out with her colleagues. With me, was doing a collaboration with an external organisation, after one of the zoom meeting, she stayed back to ask the external organisation how she can improve the project when me and other teachers have left. She did not know that the in charege of the extrernal organisation is my personal friend and more damning is how she belittle me and other teachers behind our back in front of the external organisation. Abosolutely disgusting.Was offered SH role and took it, become HOD within 2 years as the previous HOD transfer to HQ. She is still a bitch today, school is still trying to groom her but I made a promise to myself to keep her in check and from time to time remind her RO donít believe in everything she say. Canít believe I took up leadership role due to her but motivation really appear in all sorts of manner.
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