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The big 4 are unwieldy and dysfunctional branded networks and very little else. Fundamental change in these firms is very difficult to achieve - it always seems to resemble "herding cats".

That said, the leadership in these firms never seems up to the job of designing and then enacting any fundamental change with any success since they are not generally 'business people' who have run full-scale businesses out in the real world where oligopolies like theirs don't feature.

Partnership is achieved on narrow technical competence and/or ability to sell (in other words: take business off another of the big 4) and this is the gene pool out of which the leaders emerge. The rewards that accrue from partnership are underpinned by the oligopoly these firms enjoy in their core markets - not by the brilliance of most partners' leadership talents and business acumen, which are generally, ahem, modest: as demonstrated in spades here by the EY "leadership" .
Cool story. EY got any chiobus?

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