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it depends on whether u wan to stay or go.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thanks for the perspective.

This is not the first time hr revised my offer.
I accept the first time it’s based on formula calculations so it might not be accurate. With the first “mistake” as experience, I would assume they will be more careful when giving a revised offer. But now they are telling me the revised offer given was still incorrect and this latest revised offer only came 1 day before signing of offer letter.

Yes they still decided to offer me but with another low ball salary.

Current situation: not yet resigned, but manager and team already knew about this potential “offer”. Min/sb is low balling me (amended offer twice).

I know many will ask me not to take up this, but I can’t possibly stay with my company, and I’m not too sure about the hiring market in the next few months.
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