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Originally Posted by hobblewobble View Post
Exactly? I wish I had real public servants to ask too..?

Which is why Iím asking in this thread and hoping someone could tell me if this is normal
im the one that wrote the previous comment. When public servants tell u their monthly salary, it is the total package including bonus divided over the months. An Average performer gets around 17 month package annually, if u at LTA, an average engineer gets 18 months as they have engineer bonus. Public servants have PSD to look after them and have inflation increment, annual increment etc. Then got mid year and end year bonus. Regardless if the HR is new or experienced, they will have to use the same algorithm to calculate their offer, and submit it to their management for approval. So even if u put ur asking offer low, they may even calculate a higher amount for u.

Yes even if u are FCH, if u are female u lose out $400 as compared to male FCH due to NS. Hence in my opinion that is a reasonable offer that HR calculated for u. If u like the job scope, then think about how u can grow in terms of salary in the next 10-20 years versus if u are in the private sector, and also balance it with work life. In the private sector, bonuses are not guaranteed, growth will plateau eventually hence they use higher basic to entice people. If ur value eventually outweighs your cost, u will be let go. In the short term, it might look more attractive. But if u look at 35 , 40 yo if u have over 10 years in public service , your total earned will far outweigh most of the private sectors. Ofcos pls dont compare to the 5-10% of the private sectors.

Most of the forum commenters here are either jobless or looking to enter the public service, hence they linger here and reply u. I dont think public servants have the time to find these forums and give you advice. Public service jobs are very competitive, and if u are fresh grad, they filter out the scholars from the average performers. So if u throw away ur advantage, then the HR will not even hesitate to nego with you because there are hundreds of minons waiting to take up your role.
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