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This program only works for tech function, consulting analysts/senior analysts in TAP donít even get any benefit lmao. Back then when consulting program and technology program are separated, consulting analyst/snr analyst/consultants rank in a higher base salary than tech counterparts (donít fight me, getting a consulting offer is much more competitive than the tech offers and the hiring process vastly differs so this justifies the slightly higher salary). Even a Level 9 consultant under S&C has a much higher increment and salary. But now with this TAP, trying to balance S&C hires payÖ consulting people suffer lo. Same salary, yet hiring process also remain tougher not any easier LOL. Now with TAP, when you hit Level 9 and go back to S&C dte, your consultant salary is much lower as compared to the level 9 consultant salary for consulting back then when they didnít combine consulting into TAP.
Haha thatís why a lot of people changed from consulting to tech. You can still be in tech to do change work, but harder to join projects that do operating models. Those projects are quite rare anyways.
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