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Unhappy urgent help needed

hi all. some urgent help needed.

I am working in SGH. 10 years of experience as an AHP, graduating with a degree dec 2022. Currently in Singhealth.
applied to a job under singhealth cluster, and got it.
however, because it is considered a lateral transfer, and i went into my current job as a dip grad, HR offered me based on my current JG. (JG11). which is even worse than a fresh grad (JG12).
i am a good performer - i have gotten performance awards twice in my 5 years with my current company, and also had good PR grading ('A' for past 3 years).
expressed my discontent, but HR said there is nothing she can do about it, even after speaking to the managers.

question is - should i take the job or not?

taking it seems like a disservice to myself. but private sector wont be able to offer what my new place has in terms of benefits, clinical exposure. my field is vv niche. so i feel so stuck atm.
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