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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It's not normal. You are just unlucky to have a toxic boss. Change firms and this time do your due diligence on how the firm culture/your boss is like before joining.

(And don't take the responses on this forum as representative because usually only unhappy people will come onto this forum to vent. People who are happy with their bosses won't bother to post about it.)

Oh well, even change firm may also be like that. It is quite common to have bosses who shout and become monsters toward their staff. Even as SA level to Juniors, bullying is quite common especially in Big 4. Havenít we heard what Lawsoc President had wanted to change the culture?

Plus, it is quite common for a 3-5 pqe to have changed 3 firms already.

In any case, I would just leave practice. There are better ways to make money without getting my mental health suffered.
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