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Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
It's completely normal.

A friend of mine had this too, it was mostly about his background check stuffs. Prior to TAP he was working at a different tech MNC and had given a notice period but could not get an official "relieving letter" from said company for whatever reason... and Accn wanted this letter as a "proof".

Don't worry about it tbh. You don't have criminal record or anything right?

That's how tech consulting companies work. DXC also does the same thing.

It's just a formality to ensure that they have the right people for the clients. Nothing to worry about and also it's not every time anyway... got a friend in the company for 3+ years and he said it's quite normal for freshers.
Hey Raymond, new joiner here and wanted to understand the difference on the TE portal and the monthly pay if they are dependent on one another?

From my understanding, we still get paid monthly salary even if you’re chargeable hours are Low, the TE portal purpose is for chargeable hours which can determine your promotion. Even if you’re on bench doing nothing, you have no chargeable hours but you still get monthly salary right?
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