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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Saw on one of the previous page that someone mentioned how if you have no project and on bench, you still get salary even if you do nothing?

Is this even true? Cos just joined and apparently we still have to submit our work hours like timesheet one the portal with the chargeable code. So if you donít put the chargeable code, you wonít get paid right? So how do some people get salary while doing nothing as per what the op said?

Anyone can shed some light on this? Is it also the case if your project maybe one day like when you just Join the first day you donít have much to do you will also be paid lesser since the day is less hectic than others?

Thought fixed monthly salary is definite every month one lehÖ

Same Iím also quite confused as to how the month salary is calculated and given. Also why we need the wbs in the time sheet or whatís the purpose of submitting the time sheet on the portal?

Iíll be joining soon so basically my first week is orientation. First day collect laptop and got some office tour. So does this mean my first day wonít get paid since no wbs code given to me?

then next few days have orientation 9.45-6 so the Ďworkí timing is also less than 8 hours per day in contract, so means these few days I have orientation my pay will be deducting one hour plus of salary?

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