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Based on what you say, the point is not about awarding deserving staff 'A's or 'B's, but:

1) to increase the amount of bonuses awarded.
2) unhappiness over non-consistency of grading by bosses.

For (1), public sectors have allocated budgets, which rightfully, are paid by tax-payers. Hence, it is the responsibility of the public sector to not spend money carelessly. As I wrote previously, the bonus budget is fixed and shared accordingly. Giving more 'B's doesn't mean top management need to pay more, it just mean everyone get less. If you are a top performer, you wouldn't be happy.

For (2), your performance should already be determined by KPIs that were set in your prior assessment or meetings with your bosses. If you feel you have met or exceed your KPI and is unsatisfied with your grade, there are usually venues for you to seek higher management intervention.

Note that meeting most of your KPI only qualifies you for a "C" grade. "B" means you value-added to your job - to a certain extend, your boss and his/her boss knows the good work you have done, "A" usually means the organisation would find it difficult to do without you. In general, majority of staff will get the same grade except for a small percentage of 'B's and 'A's. Often I see more staff who are contented to be "C" than try to become a "B" or "A" because the differences in bonus from "C" to "B" or "A" is actually not big enough to motivate them.

Rightfully, good people get good grades, otherwise the department/organisation will slowly degrade into a F-up place and staff will start to leave. If you are in such a situation, I suggest you tactically ask for a transfer. Also bootlicking will only get a person so-far, at the end of the day, if the person can't meet his/her KPI, it will still be hard to justify the person's grade. This is especially true the higher up the person gets.

Also, for your info, the appraisal is part of a larger ranking exercise where EVERY employee is ranked. If you ranked poorly, there is no way your boss can give you good grades even if he/she wants to. Again, this exercise is not only department wide, but usually consolidated at the organisation level. So, if you managed to piss other bosses, this is when they get back at you. Likewise, if a staff does not perform, there is only so much his/her boss can do for him/her.

Originally Posted by skoolboi76 View Post
When talking about every bosses giving his/her fellow employees GOOD gradings , at the same time there will be some who dun .... Speaking of the term performances , the definition is actually really wide. Whats wrong with giving your fellow employees better grades when you think he/she deserve it??? The problem lies with the current system when normination have to be highlighted for the best and worse employee . Fact is how can we be sure employee who is given A is actually performing at his/hers best not by practising bias between bosses and employee??? Personal I have encountered people who are gotten good grades usually based on favourism by bosses or the upper level. At the end of the day , not all grading are processed with fairness. If that is so , why restrict the quota system on PB???Meaningless. Hence,answer is very simple, if every bosses should give their employee at least a B , with no restriction nor quota system , the total amount of bonus will accuminate into an imaginable amount which our dear TOP management have to fork out. With this current quota system , this phenomenon will never happened. Take recent incentive by recent certain GOV sector to attract "new , capable and effective" officers by rewarding a lum sum of 8 to 10 K for diploma holders. New, I agree but capable and effective, we can never know. One thing for sure, they most proablilty are here for the good incentive another word = MONEY.

Bottomline, those who gotten A = the best of the best ????? No really ... Empolyee who gotten D = Worse of the kind??? ....

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