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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If I recall correctly, this happened once before?

And ironically since 2020, MI and PI has been cut by ~30%.. while tanking all the extra new work from all the new policies rolled out due to COVID with limited manpower...

While the public continues to think that teacher working hours are extremely short and our salaries are extremely high...

While many teachers are still working during the June hols at home...Doing things like setting *cough* tests and exams for Terms 3/4 *cough...

While even some SLs think "oh if there's a teacher in the family it's impossible for the child to qualify for FAS"

*Oh but teachers need to be extremely grateful that our situation isn't like the US! Take it or leave it!*

Perhaps educators just aren't valued as much anymore...?
First people here were dooming and glooming believing that there wouldn't be any salary revisions at all. Then info apparently came out regarding a civil service revision. Now people are speculating that teachers will be excluded from this revision and creating imaginary scenarios in their heads.

What's with the toxic mentality and why can't you all just wait and see what comes out?

What made you all so toxic in your mentality?
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