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You cannot blame pple for being harsh. You sounded better now compared to earlier on if you are indeed the same person.
It's not about being harsh or not, there's a difference between being "harsh" and full-blown using ad hominem attacks and counter-arguing using emotions rather than actual facts or anecdotal evidence that's even relevant to what I was talking about in the first place.

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bro why the fk would you even bother with these people here?? if ure earning al ot with a family and what not why would u even browse this trash forum lol a bit kum gong sia u alr know only losers come this forum cry 24/7 about their life, u think real working people got time waste on here meh? im only a fresh grad i come here troll retards and laugh at the old dumbasses here crying
No one cares buddy, get a job first, work for a few years then come back and talk to me about "real working people".
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