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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
?? cannot do c section independently unless u from from an alternate universe.
but so can't ur basic fracgp and ccfp.
so where is your basis of comparison that fam med isn't up to the standard of ccfp and fracgp?
just cos u say so?
who are u to say so? u the father of f medicine? or some distinguished professor ?
just cos they are recognised as a ' speciliast' in their country, these fracgp and ccfp are better than sg ?

grow up la.

really cannot argue with idiots. they bring u down their level and beat u with experience.
Mmed can do or cannot do C section independently is not the crux
The crux is we are willing to do it independently and charge 13.80 for it.
The issue now is specialist charging too much.
So we gotta take on more of a procedural role in the future to reduce cost

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