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I am currently mopex, thinking of doing fm work eventually. (Just completed gdfm, will Either aim for rp in ops or just go join a chain grp/locum once my peg bond finish)

Would like to ask seniors for their genuine opinion. (Not just fm, but all specialists, esp those involved in public health)

How would the new initiatives announced by minister Ong change the healthcare landscape in Singapore? (In terms of job opportunities, financial Remuneration and how hospitals function etc)

The 2 new initiatives I am referring to are mainly the capitation funding model and the "every Singapore to be registered with one gp" idea

I think the concept is largely modelled from overseas (esp UK) but do you guys think it will work in sg context? (I mean I am doing gm now, I can tell you we really investigate and refer a lot for very minor things, i.e a lot of defensive medicine. Also understand from my fm resident colleagues that pple in ops also sometimes demand to see specialist even for simple things that can be managed at ops)

I am just not sure the new initiatives will work out as sg pple are simply quite different (to put in a polite way) compared to UK pts from my personal experience. (Disclaimer I studied medicine in UK and worked as fy1 there)

A lot of my consultants are quite skeptical but was wondering what pple think (genuinely), and how will these affect our career choices ?

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