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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
taking a MBA for a career switch is rather difficult. and the brandname of SMU is not as good as overseas big uni.

I suggest a few things you can do;
-explore within your company if you can take on projects or opportunity to move to the area you want to
-start looking and talking to headhunters/recruiters about what you want to do and get some advice. Dont just rely on 1 headhunter, get a few and get different perspective
-is there a role model or someone you aspire to be? If so, have a chat with that person and ask for advice on how to get where he got to

You will be surprised that many are very happy to talk about themselves and give advice if you go with sincerity and humility.

It is a big decision to undertake MBA as it costs money and also opportunity costs. One word of advice is before you do any course, check out RECRUIT on ST, or websites to see if there are any jobs you can take and what are the requirements to get a sense of reality. Otherwise, you are just wasting money, getting frustrated and in the end back to square one.

Good luck bro
Thanks for all the advice. Bro i do understand where you are coming from. Most of us have somewhere we would want to end up in life. For myself, i know that i can do better than what i'm currently handling.

However it's sometime frustrating that no one would offer you a chance. I thought of giving up, just continue on my course of work. But i would be letting myself down. I'm not a scholar, but i believe i can perform as well as some of them.

Therefore i decided to give myself one more chance with the MBA. Hopefully, i can then earn myself that opportunity that i have always wanted...

I know that MBA might not be the solution, but it's one of the better options for me now...

Thanks to all the Bros..
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