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I'm in supply chain and I support big tech like Nvidea, Cisco, network companies like Juniper too. I also serve VAG, PSA and Fiat group in the automotive industry and satellite companies affliated to them. I see the increase in demand on chips and electronic parts that we trace to the various semicon players like Vanguard, Micron, Qualcomm, even Murata is also in the cupply chain. Basically, everyone benefits from the surge in demand. Tech companies are collaborating with aerospace, telecommunications, storage, automotive, medical industries so the demand for various kinds of chips, PCBA, electronic parts, connector parts, cabling.

So I completely agree your pov without taking part in the spillover from the other thread about singtel vs micron and if I recall correctly, I hope the absurdity raised by some that Singaporeans cannot drive in Europe doesn't get repeated here.
It doesn't matter how many chips are required so long as the production doesn't take place here. Repeat the mindless drivel all you want to comfort yourself to keep you distracted from the fact that you will lose your job in 10 years' time.

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