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if u aim surgery, it's almost impossible in Australia. their admission criteria is v clearly published on the racs websites. u almost have to be God like to get in..
if u aim medical speciality not hard to get into basic physician training. their AST in hotter fields like cardio and onco also not hard to get in. I like know of at least 2 sg who complete onco and 1 doing cardio and they so. reason is theres v few specialist job in auzzie after they exit. so the locals either become gp or go into surgical specialities and medical speciality less popular.

and no we don't hire a lot of overseas trained speciliast now.

sg training v tough de la.
do till no day no night. when u exit, it's like 5 to 6 years of your life was stolen by someone and then u become the bitch of the department before u become full c. that's if u have a job. at some point the general surgery resident who exited have to do 1 to 2 years of service reg job before being offered ac. some not so good ones not even offered jobs at all. u Google around u will find filled trained FRCS anchoring GP clinic. I think even some AIM speciliast become GPS.

bad time to do med man. nus 300 students. NTU 150 and upping to 200 and eventuallyl 250. Duke going to 100 soon.
every year local is 600 student, speciliast spots restrict at 40 percent max currently and look set to cut to 30 percent. 400 doctor who cannot get a training spot per year. u X 5 years already 2k mo floating in system.
go out to private ur chains gonna just offer u lower and lower salary.

ur future damn bleak man
wa lkc going for 200 now? hear from where one? i thought they cap at 150 sia and recently 168 because to factor in lesser going to train overseas due to covid

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