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Your friends bbfa jlb har? Got so lousy or not? I always don’t understand why if you are working in tech and your skills can end up “not transferable” lmao especially those from the gov. What bull crap is this.

If after work, got home and you don’t work on your goals or skills. You are not tired, you are uninspired.

talk is easy, when you are not the one being assigned an insane amount of work, rushing you incessantly (texting u day and night) till you get mentally burned out.

there is some truth in working on goals or skills during your free time to get to where u want. those who are married with kids and in roles that require frequent OT and weekend burns, overnight work, may find it difficult to work on or even plan for such activities on a regular basis.

There are some skills that are not transferrable. for example, lengthy process to get approval and chase for approval.
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