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Have 16 yrs of marketing experience and recently applied for an AD position in Mindef. I got shortlisted for intv (3hours!?) but eventually did not go for it. I must have invested at least an hour filling in all the various manual forms.

Tip: HR said salary will only be discussed after the INTV stage. I did (nicely) share my last drawn, and the HR was nice enough to share it with the hiring manager. They came back to me before the intv saying they would not offer me anything close to my last drawn. Hence I decided to withdraw without wasting anyone's time.

IMO there is a considerable gap between public and private.

My last drawn was around the 15K there about, and from my research (actually from this forum), the range for AD is about 7-9K? It was not disclosed by HR, of course, but I came to my conclusion. They were not able to advise what rank I should apply for in the future too.

I also have an MBA but through an acquaintance working in MINDEF, they do not recognize masters. Only up to bachelors so it will not help in my job application.
Donít bother joining CS with 16 years of experience. They will never offer you above AD.
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