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Hi all, I posted the above there, was wondering if anyone can advise on the above. I'm currently MX13 and waiting for my confirmation / promotion to MX12. However, despite that I will still be the newest guy in my "dept" who has served one month shy of a full year. Would I be in anyway disadvantaged in the ranking exercise and doomed to a D grade just because I am the newest? I was informed that to rank me above any of the old birds would require strong justification, and that a D grade had to go to someone.

I felt strongly about this because I have put in a lot of blood sweat and tears for the year, taking on additional 24/7 responsibilities that the my colleagues do not have to. I have done well in my work, and adapted very quickly. Our team stays back later than the others due to our portfolios, and with a certain amount of pride, we dare say we churn out much better work than the other teams in our dept.

I would be greatly discouraged if I were to be given a D just because the steamroller adheres to some informal guideline to give the "newest" or "less-than-a-year" the lowest grade.

For your views please.
not sure abt ur ministry but in my stat board, i was given a B for my 1st appraisal though my boss told me the norm for newcomers is to get C. in my stat board ranking is done across people in the same job grade i.e. all the MX 13s or sometimes they lump MX13 and MX12 tgt how exactly they lump the ppl in your ministry im nt sure as im in stat board not civil service.
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