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You are comparing being stucked in HDB land as being stucked in death valley? I suddenly feel sorry for the 80% of Singaporeans living in HDB. I guess there are alot of bulls burning to death.

There is nothing wrong staying in HDB. But if you overstretch ourself and enter the property market at the wrong time, I am sure you will be in a worse off state.

If after looking at all available data, you deduce that the property market is still going to charge ahead, then by all means go ahead. I said don't speculate. There is a difference between speculating and investing. Overstretching yourself and making decisions without basing on data is not investing, it is speculating.

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Your analogy of bulls charging towards a cliff edge is a biased one. How about bulls charging towards an escape route out of a burning valley?

If you wait awhile till the fog gets clearer, you may find that the bulls have already escaped from the death valley and the exit has collapsed, while you are trapped in HDB land forever. It is a long way back-up from down there.
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