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Conclusion: Brokerage houses are calling a price decline. Maybe it will happen. Maybe it wont. But it seems one thing is clear - Property prices are not going to rise at the same pace they were rising.

So, if things are so uncertain, why jump in now? Like bulls charging forward when view is obscured by fog. Who knows ahead is the cliff edge? Why not wait awhile till the fog gets clearer? What do you lose? Time, some price upside. Better than falling over the cliff. It is a long way back-up from down there.
Your analogy of bulls charging towards a cliff edge is a biased one. How about bulls charging towards an escape route out of a burning valley?

If you wait awhile till the fog gets clearer, you may find that the bulls have already escaped from the death valley and the exit has collapsed, while you are trapped in HDB land forever. It is a long way back-up from down there.
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