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Let's not start banker bashing. There are rogues in every profession.

Back to property. Noone knows if prices are going to fall 10%, 15% or 30%.

3 Key things:

1. Property prices in recent months are moderating. <fact. URA data>

2. The SG government is focused on controlling housing prices. <fact. statements from government sources, widely circulated in local media>

3. Global economic headwinds <fact>

4. SG GDP revision <fact>

5. Jobs are being lost <fact>

Conclusion: Brokerage houses are calling a price decline. Maybe it will happen. Maybe it wont. But it seems one thing is clear - Property prices are not going to rise at the same pace they were rising.

So, if things are so uncertain, why jump in now? Like bulls charging forward when view is obscured by fog. Who knows ahead is the cliff edge? Why not wait awhile till the fog gets clearer? What do you lose? Time, some price upside. Better than falling over the cliff. It is a long way back-up from down there.

Property is a leveraged bet and a big proportion of the household balancesheet. Don't speculate.

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How much do you know about these mini Nostradamuses? Are you 100% sure they are ethical in what they do? Haven't you heard of the case where BB investment banks advising their clients on one hand and betting against them on the other?

I'm just an anonymous coward. There's no need for anyone to believe in what I say. However, I find it extremely profitable to bet against whatever those mini Nostradamuses forecast. But caveat emptor, one has to be very nimble in this game.

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