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The irony is you are playing Nostradamus yourself.

The only difference is that the brokerage houses substantiate their views with facts and figures.

Whilst not always correct, they spent considerable effort to gather, study and opine on data. They offer their views responsibly.

Truth of the matter, noone can be 100% sure what happens tomorrow.

Yet, one should not be misleading others by making sweeping statements without doing proper research and providing accurate data.
How much do you know about these mini Nostradamuses? Are you 100% sure they are ethical in what they do? Haven't you heard of the case where BB investment banks advising their clients on one hand and betting against them on the other?

I'm just an anonymous coward. There's no need for anyone to believe in what I say. However, I find it extremely profitable to bet against whatever those mini Nostradamuses forecast. But caveat emptor, one has to be very nimble in this game.
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