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Your argument have no logic at all, you must be one of those "follow the crowd" type who have sinked all your fortune in property and hope that prices would never fall.

Property market, like the equity market and economy, goes through boom and bust cycles, what goes up must come down just like law of gravity. The reason foreigners are still picking up properties here and propping up demand and prices is that global markets are still awash in liquidity created by expansionary ECONOMIC policies of governments worldwide to counter the 2008 financial crisis. Now it is pay back time, liquidity is almost certain to dry up in Europe in a couple of months with so many EU countries in budget deficits, unless EU central Bank start printing alot of money which it would not do so.

This liquidity crisis would definitely blow over to Asia, and all the rich Asian investors you see snapping up houses in Singapore in the last couple of years would certainly need to dispose of their assets here in order to secure funding for their own businesses back home and other funding requirements. If enough of these guys, who dont even reside here and therefore do not need the roofs over their heads, start to do that, prices would be going down for a long long time..and alot....
You are too logical. The market is sentiment driven, and politics has a big part to play too.

ECB will print lots of money and we will have another 10 more good years. More good years.

As we speak, ECB is already buying up loads of Italian bonds.

Printing money is easy, so they will surely do it. It's a magic bullet they will use time and again. Everyone wins.
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