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I agree with above poster, your past few post sounds like you are trying to look for some ideal job, doesn’t work this way in the real world. You seem to be yearning for some abstract notion of “action” in your job and feel that desk bound jobs are not for you. The natural “action” job is of course sales oriented ones, but then you seem to express no interest at all.

Your stints at back and mid end desk bound you don’t like, but suddenly say you are interested in investment research. Excuse me, junior investment researcher is about as desk bound as one can get. It is basically the sai gang guy that goes around Bloomberg / Reuters terminal to extract information and compile them for your senior, sometimes they also help in running some analytics on certain funds, but otherwise you won’t be out of your desk in at least the first 3 years.

Nobody’s gona put an inexperienced freshie like you in charge of some fund, interact with corporate senior managers, solicit funds from institutions or participate in industry seminars etc. First few years is confirm get **** no matter where you go, you need to wake up your idea.
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