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Originally Posted by Insider View Post
When u say the IB environment really sucks, what do u mean? Can elaborate what u dun like?

U said u passed your CFA, meaning u passed all 3 levels? I supposed since u are actuary trained, u should have some financial modelling skills.. plus u are CFA qualified and also good enough to be accepted into IB front office, then i don't see why u are unable to get a research/advisory job. 2 possible reasons - the current job market is tough, so dun be too hard on yourself. Or, it's something to do with your interviewing skills.

If u said the IB environment sucks, then maybe u r not a good fit with corp finance jobs. So why r u still looking for such jobs? Investment research/advisory hours are much better than corp if u go for these roles, may be more suited for u.

1 more thing. U are right, if u are not doing something u want to stick to in the long term, u better dun wait too long in the current job.

I had too ambitious management coupled with incompetent supervisor who can't take pressure from top, hence dumped emotional stress on analysts every single day and made the environment toxic.

I have 1 more level to go in CFA. Comparing to CF, I prefer investment research or fund manager route better. Advisory is what I am thinking of too. However, vacancies are not that many if compared to CF. To me, those are from the same group in term of career path a (ie they are part of FO and give business exposure) whereas RM/operations/actuarial are from different groups.

A lot of interviewers I have met questioned my job history. I feel it's hard to convince them that I really know what I want to do and I'll be committed in my next job.

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