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I agree with you that life overseas definitely better. However now given the covid situation, and the fact that SG post grad qualifications are largely useless overseas, I dont have the option to move (even though I graduate from UK); hence have to find next best solution.
I have no interest in QI, research or admin work, hence I figured that only option for me is GP land (hence I chose FM residency- right/wrong decision debatable i guess). If burnout from clinical work, then take a few days off/week PRN. Locum more flexibility but of course pay less if you work less. For me, taking on more teaching/research work to reduce clinical load is not viable

I am not sure about senior consultant working 30plus hours a week; maybe for certain specialties (e.g GM). I just completed my GS, ortho and IM postings (for which I did GM, neuro and gastro)
- I can safely say that most of the cons (even in GM) that I work with are more stressed than my Preceptors in OPS (most of my preceptors are consultant in FM- i.e completed fellowship)/friends in GP land
- When I was in GS/ortho, my consultant starts at 7am (rounding) and finished after 9pm daily. (how I know- cause he always ask me to help him to medical report after clinic/OT, I will usually finish by 8-9pm, and he is still there doing his research work with his assistant); I guess he is well paid, but he definitely works more than 30 plus hrs/week
Gastro/neuro/GM not so bad, but I often see the consultants staying till 6-7pm as well (i often go to the admin block, where all the consultant offices are, to do some residency admin work/study as there are free computers and they are far away from the ward Lol)
Which cluster u in? Admin block, singhealth ah?
Fyi hor, if Ur UK grad from some institution u can actually get GMc registration during Ur internship year in sg( eg imperial one can, I sign off my ho one few years back ), and with GMC recognition Ur internship is actually recognised in Australia.

U sure or not? Consultant where got work so hard. He trying to get professorship ah or genuinely interested in research. My orthopedic con work 5 day a week, operate 2 days. Never rounds, even post call take got a junior ac to tank for him. The only time he pop up was when I suspect nec fas, WhatsApp him a pic then he show up with reg and go ot..
GM con even pro, some Cambridge grad, 9am rock up with coffebean coffee in one hand and a LV tote bag in the other. Stand there listen to story and goes ok, agree with plan next...ok, next. Dreams life lei. The reg totally rolled her eyes though..haha. actually the most siong one is GM and it's not the medicine but sorting out the patient life. Siong for junior . Other sub spec one all quite ok.

I preceptor to residents now lei. Some resident really not so good have to spend a lot of effort. I don't want them to kill patients man. Can tell me bp target 120 /80 for a 80 year old. Some don't even know DX criteria for dm. See Liao pengz. Pos where got chill life. Many arrows come Ur way. I dun go home after clinic ends but stay to do many stuff. Ur preceptors likely v senior liao so is heck care right. Comparatively their peers in hospital of same seniority is God like status already.

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