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How many of you feel that Singapore has declined significantly over the last decade? Stagnant pay not keeping up with inflation (except for politicians), rising GST tax and threat of future income taxes raises, rising hdb prices, cecas threatening to take our professional jobs, murderous crazy teens running amok in our midst, and such.

If you ask me ten years ago if I could see Singapore in such a sad state, I would have laughed in your face. Or do we just pop a xanax and see everything through rose-tinted glasses as we were taught in schools to do?
I totally disagree with that. The issue is not about stagnant pay but rather the increasing mediocrity of jobseekers coupled with 1) increased competition for well paying jobs and 2) alot of grads are caught in traditional jobs which are primed for disruptions.

I have seen good people joining tech with a starting package of $100k p.a. but these are few and far between. But there are many average joe in accounting and finance or business degrees which are primed for disruption and automation.
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