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So how much does a Family Physician (finished residency and practicing independently) earn in Singapore?
I dont find it helpful people accusing others of trolling when they themselves offer no figures to clarify.
How much do Family Physicians bill for consultation in Singapore? Time based? $40? $50? For 15 min? $200/hr?
In Singapore, any Tom Dick and Harry can open up a GP Clinic.
Anyone with a basic medical degree, dropouts from surgical residencies, etc can be a ‘GP’
For those with Family Physician qualifications, they can register to be a ‘Family Physician’
Public do not understand the difference between GP and FP. Hence there is no difference in consultation charges. That’s the sad state of affairs in primary care currently which the College of Family Physicians have been trying to change, but have failed to change anything for the past 40 years.

Consultation fees can range from $15-50 depending on how much your patients are willing to pay.
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