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I am in one of the niche, more competitive specialties. Unfortunately, that's the way of life in most occupations, not just medicine.

To your point regarding foreign-trained physicians not serving NS, I am sure you realize that SG women do not serve NS too. Do you feel like your female colleagues are also not deserving of consultant positions because they did not serve NS?

Having read through hundreds of residency applications over the years, I can assure you that CVs are almost NEVER equal. Some may favour publications over awards, and vice versa. But they are almost never equal.
Another smoker. Many imposters man.
If you in a niche speciality, why do you worry about consultant post. They are niche for a reason, eg ent, eye.
Above average u say? Hello, these kind of niche speciality one year take 3 to 5 trainees. How do u even guage you are above average?
Lastly, unless u are chief resident, u don't get to read cv. Even if u are chirf resident it's only for 1 year, so not sure how u read hundreds of applications over the years.
Publication over awards..hahaha.
If u have really really read medical cv before, u will know awards are rare
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