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Australia, if you can get in, is definitely better than Singapore. The pay difference is a moot point once you factor in the fact that you do not need to pay hundreds for monthly health insurance there with universal free healthcare, plus they have cheap houses and cheap cars.

In terms of professional development, simply look at the quality of their FT doctors versus our FT doctors and you can see a huge gulf of difference. If you ask your FT colleague whether their top choice was Australia or Singapore, if they are honest they will tell you they cannot get past the high barrier of entrance exams in Australia, and therefore have to settle for Singapore. Yet others who are smarter are here to use Singapore as a stepping stone to Australia or US.
? Pls la. You know nuts. Regurgutate info from some internet search come here and post.
When is health care free in Australia.
You have to pay healthcare tax from your annual salary. I've been there and done that.
Cheap houses? Again from where? Their price quantum similar to sg and infact in certain cities is way higher than sg. Only difference is it's freehold.
Car cheap is relative. Their transport system sucks. When u have everyone driving into town, car park cost a bomb, traffic jam is terrible. Have car is like not having a ar, u still take their train into town , which cost 5 dollar per trip.

Entrance exams is higher to get into training. Hahahaha haha. Again another non doctor posting in doc thread. Since when is entrance exams needed to get into training.

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