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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Part A used to be 90% pass rate in 2010-2014. Same as Part B.

In fact, if Part A and local syllabus is equivalent, those who get 2.2s in local universities should be barred from practice until they can at least get a 2.1 standard.

Part B should be marked on a hidden bell curve to maintain a low pass rate. Problem solved. Parity and if you really suck whichever school you come from you can't practise.

Somehow, although Part A was made to gradually have a 30% pass rate (anecdotal), Part B retained its 90% pass rate until 2021. Lucky they are raising the standards of BOTH.
Spoken like a true overseas graduate who doesn't understand the rigour of the local law courses. Part A is NOT equivalent to local law standards. It is equivalent in breadth but nowhere near in depth, and is in fact a watered down crash-course on Singapore law that anybody who bothers to take 2-3 weeks before the papers to study, can and should pass on the first go.

Second lower local law school grads are easily equivalent to 2.1s from the UK. Local law school graduates who are third class honours can't practice and they're already a step up from UK 2:2s, who are not graded on a curve.

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