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Np. They have a "chance" to be promoted to associate in 2.5 years (the local uni intake usually comes in around Jun/July. Performance reviews happen in the second half of the year, and promotions at end of year/start of year). But people who don't get hired through these programs also have a chance to be promoted in 2.5 years as well.

Of course, if you already have 2 years of experience outside, and you join right in the middle of the review cycle, you'll need to do 1 full year so that you will be included in performance review. Then in this case, you will take longer to promote simply by virtue of time, and you having only 1 year to familiarize yourself with the firm systems/tasks.

But if you join as a graduate (maybe just a few months after the university intake), you should not be put at any disadvantage at all, as you'll still be treated as being in the same class.
Did you join as a direct hire? Also interested to find out if your salary trajectory and career progression would be faster/slower if you stayed in one bank for the entirety of the 5 years.

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