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You will have opportunity to transfer to other depts only after 3 years in your first dept (pay your dues.) this is not some MA rotation type of job where you can transfer quickly. As for post graduate sponsorship, it is highly selective and only if they plan for you to be Team lead or potential division head. I know bc even though i got into UCLA, my boss said i don't meet the requirement for sponsorship.. She said a master's degree is not required for work. She also told me that i have to work for 3 years and get "very good" for appraisal, then i got to write a note to justify why this degree is necessary and prove that mas need to wait for me to study and cannot easily hire from the market. I think it's impossible to get sponsorship, bc im not indispensable what.

Secondments to other organisations seem to be sourced by the individual. Ala if you have connections, HR will be more than happy to let you take no pay leave for secondment.

Both mid career and graduate officers are unlikely to get into the good opportunities. Those are reserved for MAS scholars la.

Thanks for sharing! Can I ask, for most Graduate Officers, if you stay long enough, which rank will you eventually reach? DD? Will there be chances of being D? And for scholarships, is it tough to get `very good' for appraisal, and for scholarships must you be first class or completely depending on job performance and degree relevance!
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