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Originally Posted by Badoet View Post
I am band 5 in IT, 190k per annum base. This year bonus ~20k due to covid.
Last year bonus was ~40k.

Band 5 consists of M22 and M23.
M22 is equivalent to VP, M23 to SVP.
Band 4 is ED.
If an M22 like me gets 190k. I think 200k is a norm for M23, and 220k for B4.

You won't get Band 4 unless your last position is already an ED in a foreign bank.
you are looking at an outlier of yourself. most M22 annual total is 150k-180k. you don't have to be an ED in a foreign bank to get band 4 in SCB, SVP or high paying VP also can. at the end of the day (sadly) it's the previous job's pay that determine your next job.
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